Compact 900

Art.No: 88200

The Compact 900 is an universal watch timing instrument for testing all types of mechanical and quartz watches.
The device is equipped with an automatic detection for the beat number (A / h), the results are displayed on a color display (320 x 240 pixels, 256 colors), 2 test prods, interfaces for printer and com­puter, an integrated speaker for beat noise control, adjustable feet.

The following values are measured and indicated:
Mechanical watches
Beat number (automatic), beat error, time deviation, amplitude, escapement noise (graphic). Special program for the quick check of pendulum clocks and special program for special escapements.
Quartz watches
Time deviation (with/without Inhibition), no load consumption, average consumption, impulse consumption, resistance of motor coil, battery voltage (High Drain/Low Drain), lower working-voltage limit and EOL.

Additional functions:
- Calibration of the device with a calibration signal
- Device for calibration with GPS available
- Standby mode while the machine is not used

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