Class-O-Matic 2.0

The well-known Class-O-Matic system has been renewed and modernised. It can make a contribution towards substantially increasing productivity in watch manufacturing. At the same time, the continuous and consistently reconstructable quality of the components is guaranteed.

The Class-O-Matic 2.0 measures the moment of inertia or elasticity of fully machined, poised balance wheels or balance springs with a collet that are true to calibre. For the measurement of the moment, all balance wheels are coupled with a calibre-standardised balance spring, or all balance springs with a calibre-standardised balance wheel. The frequency of the vibration systems that arises acts as a gauge for the desired moment. According to a program calculated for the particular calibre, you can enter the lower output value and class range via the software.

Balance wheels and balance springs with the same class number are paired up. In this way, you get an automatic oscillating system, the beat error of which is adjusted and only varies within the selected class range of the target frequency.

Advantages of this system:
- Ideal for adapting to suit any type of oscillating system and beat rate
- Easy balance spring and balance wheel loading
- Can be operated by trained personnel
- A high level of accuracy can be achieved
- Values are automatically saved and can therefore be analysed

Technical data:
Average performance:
balance springs: 220 pieces / hour;
balance wheels: 300 pieces / hour
Class: 20 + 2 for + and –
Measuring heads: 2 per calibre
(1 x balance spring, 1 x balance wheel)
Power supply: 230 VAC / 50 Hz;
Current consumption: 85 VA
Dimensions: W 1240 x D 540 x H 860 mm
Weight: 80 kg