Spiromat Classic

Art.No: 0370.000.000

The Spiromat Classic is used for manual counting and cutting of balance springs. It is the modern version of the former Greiner Spiromatic with stroboscope from the 50’s. The frequency of the mounted balance spring is indicated by an arrow on two bars (coarse and fine). By turning the knob of the counting head, the length of the balance spring is adjusted until the arrow is in the tolerance field. Tolerances (sec. per day) can be chosen and are clearly visible on the color display. Subsequently, the balance spring is cut to the right length / frequency with the knife of the counting plate.

There is the possibility to store 12 different programs easily.
6 are already pre-programmed with the most used beat numbers (18 000 / 19 800 / 
21 600 / 25 200 / 28 800 / 36 000).
With the feature deviation you may measure any beat number from 7600 to 57600 A / h.
The amount of air changes the amplitude and is controlled by the display.
Previous counting plates still can be used on the new Classic Spiromat.

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